About us

A bit of history ...

Founded in 2021

Brix Co. is the result of two nature lovers, the Pépin brothers. Olivier and Guillaume had the opportunity in 2021 to acquire a 32,000 taps sugar bush that belonged to their uncles. Having been in the business for a few years after taking over their grandfather’s 8,000 taps sugar bush, we can say that maple water has been flowing in their veins for several generations. Since then, many changes have been made to improve the quality and performance of the facilities. With the vision of becoming a reference producer in the field of maple, the two brothers never stop innovating. Beyond maple syrup, the two brothers believe in the future of 100% natural maple sugar.

Interesting facts

Numbers that

Pounds of syrup
Forest acres

Sustainable Development

At Brix Co. we work in collaboration with nature and believe that our future depends on the way we do things. For us, sustainability means taking care of nature and ensuring its growth through our operations.

Our Certifications

Carbon Neutral Certification

  • Environmental and climate protection
  • An organic product with zero carbon emissions

  • Maintaining biodiversity

  • Transparent labelling for the consumer

Organic Certification

  • Environmental and climate protection
  • Soil fertility conservation

  • Maintaining biodiversity

  • Respect for natural cycles and animal welfare

  • The non-use of synthetic chemicals

  • The non-use of GMO

  • Transparent labelling for the consumer

Maple commandery contest

  • Exceptional Maple Syrup Competition
  • Obtained the silver medal
  • Syrup with typical maple flavors


Become a leader in maple sugar production.


Offer products made from premium maple sugar with the smallest possible footprint.

Operate with nature!

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