A touch of nature !

Naturally different...

Honoring maple by working in symbiosis with nature to give birth to a product of a pure richness, unique and 100% natural.

At Brix Co. we believe that every maple syrup is different and that the product must be distinguished by its exceptional characteristics such as its taste, color, certifications and history. For us, nothing is left to hazard…

Our syrup...

The finality of our syrup will show you the rigor and dedication necessary for its production. Quality starts with respect for nature and balance with it It is then translated into our standards and our ways of doing things, and finally into our equipment, our production follow-up and our marketing.

Our product is unique not only in its certifications, but also in the way it is made. Boiled with a new technology, no fire is necessary, so the syrup is not burned and keeps all the beauty of its color and natural taste of maple.

Our Certifications

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